The Fox Scout Group


The Fox Scout Group was established in 1964 and we are the pioneer as well as the largest combined Scout Group in Singapore comprising of six units with old boys and girls association.


Our units are as per the following,

Greenridge Fox Scout Unit

(formal Dunean Secondary Technical School)


Fajar Fox Scout Unit



Zhenghua Fox Scout Unit



Elite Seal Venture

Soaring Seagull Rovers

Old Boys and Girls Association

The vision of the group is to become a Scouting institution of excellence, leadership and brotherhood.

To strive towards this vision, the group is actively involved in the betterment of the Scout movement and the community. We are the key organizers for numerous Scouting projects at the national level plus initiated and organized the “Give A Gift” community project since 2004 in collaboration with various organizations such as the Youth Executive committees and Residents’ Committees.

The group is recognized as a leader in youth development by producing President Scout Awardees and members who have made the difference to the lives of others in the society. In 2013, the group made history by been awarded the Best Patrol Challenge Shield at the National Patrol Camp that was represented by more than 50 patrols from all over Singapore.